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The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado is eager to work with the media, reporters and news organizations to inform the public about seizures. With nearly 60,000 men, women and children living with epilepsy in Colorado, the need for awareness and correct information is critical to our mission to improve the lives of people living with the challenges of epilepsy.

We strive to be responsive and committed to assisting you in gathering accurate, timely material. In addition to our professional staff, we can provide interviews with members of our Professional Advisory Board, including several of the leading neurologists and epileptologists in the region. We also have access to numerous individuals who are living with epilepsy in all walks of life who are willing to share their personal stories in an effort to help others.

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9/11/18 – Two Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado Youth Council Members Win 2018 UCB Family Scholarship



Nov 24, 2013 – Radio -Alice 105.9 FM; 99.5 The Mountain FM and KOSI 101 FM